Manganese Series Phosphating


 Manganese Series Phosphating can form a type of crystalline lens of phosphating film in the surface of Steel and iron. This type of phosphating film can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts. HK575 phosphating film has strong adsorptivity, and High wear resistance when soaked with suitable oil during part working.This process is widely used in automobile engines,Diesel engines and parts in aerospace industry. Usually, one kilo of HK575 can used for 11m2 surface.

2Technological process 

Oil Removing—— Wash (overflow)—— Rust Removal —— Wash (overflow)——Pre-dips(6‰ tank)——Phosphating(80-90°C)——Wash (overflow) ——Hot dry——Anti-rust Oil Treatment

3Phosphating method

HK-M-575 Manganese Series Phosphating

4Method of Application

aTank liquor Solution 

  • Add 3/4 Volume of Water into tank
  • Add 9-10%(volumeratio) HK-575;(140kg/1000 litre)
  • Add water till Work level, and Turn up the heat to 80-90°C
  • Add 2Kg/1000 litre of the iron fuse, to keep it reacting for one hour, then used for phosphating

bPhosphating tank ingredient 

Mn2+, No3-, H2PO4, H3PO4 and ther additives.

Composition of Phosphating Film: (Mn,Fe)5H2(PO4)4·4H2O.

cOperating Conditions 

       Concentration: 9-10%( volume ratio


Time: 10-20Minitues

Free acid: 10-12ML

Total acid :  60-70ML

5Formed Phosphating Film thickness:   2um

6Inspection methods :   Cupric sulfate drop method

Ingredient : CuSO4· 5H2O 41g/L,  NaCl 35 g/L ,  0.1 MoL/L HCl,  and water

Qualified: Time period more than 180s.