Universal Joint

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    • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    • Material: Steel 40Cr, Stainless Steel,Aluminum
    • Surface: Plain, Black Oxide, Zinc and Nickle Plating
    •    Dimensions: Standard, can be customized
    • Bore Range:  Smooth, keyway, double d, spline etc
    • Structure: Cross bearing
    •   Customization: Yes
    • Supply ability: LCL/FCL
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    A universal joint, also known as a U-joint, is a type of mechanical coupling that allows two shafts to be connected and transmit torque while still being able to rotate freely and move in different directions. This is achieved by using two yokes, each attached to one of the shafts, and a cross-shaped connecting piece called a cross-pin that links the two yokes together. The cross-pin is mounted in bearings in the yokes, allowing it to rotate and swivel, allowing the shafts to move and rotate relative to each other.

    Universal joints are commonly used in various applications, such as drive shafts for vehicles, machinery for industrial processes, and other mechanical systems where the flexible and versatile coupling is needed. The universal joint diagram is given below.


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