Steel pulleys& spinning pulleys

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    • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    • Model: Spinning pulley/Steel pulley
    • Material: Steel, Aluminium alloy
    • Surface: Black oxided, Anodizing
    •   Package details: Standard sea worthy package
    • Supply ability: LCL/FCL



    Spinning pulley, as a new type of pulley structure, has been widely used in various industries due to its high precision, material saving, good dynamic balance and no environmental pollution. Cast iron and other forms of traditional pulley have been gradually eliminated, resulting in good social and economic benefits.

    Spinning pulley can reduce the weight of the product but prolong the service life. Compared with cast iron pulley, the new spinning pulley has the obvious advantages of adopting spinning process (chip free processing), light structure and material saving, thus reducing the moment of inertia and prolonging the service life. It is a new material saving product.

    Spinning pulley in mechanical products how to save raw materials can improve the quality of products, such as “V” type pulley (split pulley) is a widely used mechanical transmission parts, if it can be formed from steel plate is of great significance. Compared with the traditional cast iron pulley, the simultaneous interpreting of the steel belt pulley can save more than 70% of the material. The sheet metal spinning pulley formed by sheet metal stretching spinning is a new type of pulley structure

    Spinning pulley can reduce the manufacturing cost and energy consumption of products, but it can reduce the processing time. It has high production efficiency (2-4 pieces per minute), good balance performance and no need of balance treatment. Due to the continuous cutting of material flow line, cold work hardening of surface production and improvement of organization density, the strength and hardness of wheel groove surface are greatly improved, and the dimensional accuracy is high, the slip between V-belt and wheel groove is small, and the service life of belt is prolonged.


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